ISS Diversity & Inclusion Team - a busy but fruitful year

ISS Diversity and Inclusion

2018 was a very busy but fruitful year for the Diversity and Inclusion Team (D&I) at the International Institute of Social Studies. In our very first annual report we document the successes we achieved in 2018 and our plans for 2019 and beyond.

  • Greater accessibility to ISS building
  • Increased organizational culture of positive awareness of diversity and inclusion
  • Addressing the imbalance in representation of women from Southern backgrounds
  • Building collaborations with other institutes and organizations

These are the main focus points of the D&I Team in 2018. The events included an accessibility study and changes to the building, public seminars on diversity and inclusion in academic research, a teaching day addressing diversity and inclusion, as well as many other workshops, roundtables and seminars.

What's in store for 2019?

Where the focus in 2018 was on accessibility, in 2019 the D&I Team will focus on closer collaborations with the city of The Hague, on implicit bias, issues of mental health, communication and visibility, and on promoting and encouraging research on diversity at ISS.

Download and read the 2018 D&I Team annual report