ISS Major webinar sessions 2021

The ISS Major webinar sessions 2021 will provide you with information such as the course timetable, the subjects that will be taught and an overview of what the ISS majors are all about.

A lecturer and one/two students will also be present to furnish you with all the necessary information and also to answer your questions during the Q&A session.

Take a look at the timetable below and use the links to register:

MA in Development Studies MajorDateTimeRegistrationVideo link
Major in Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies: Social Justice Perspectives (SJP)24 February 202113:00 - 14:00Done (see link beside)SJP video
Major in Governance and Development Policy (GDP)3 March 202113:00 - 14:00Done (see link beside)

GDP video

Major in Social Policy for Development (SPD)5 March 202113:00 - 14:00Done (see link beside)SPD video
Governance, Migration and Diversity track (GMD)11 March 202114:00 - 15:00Done (see link beside)GMD video
Major in Economics of Development (ECD)12 March 202113:30 - 14:30Done (see link beside)ECD video
Major in Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies (AFES)19 March 202113:00 - 14:00Done (see link beside)AFES video
Mundus MAPP16 April 202113:00 - 14:00Head to registeration