ISS podcast back on 19 July

Global ISSues to release a summer special

Dropping Monday, 19 July, the next episode of Global ISSues explores the journeys of our students to The Hague and expressions of solidarity from afar.

Imagine making one of the most pivotal steps in your life that requires you to journey across the globe. In the midst of this and a global pandemic, your home country is going through turmoil of alarming proportions, and you have no choice but to watch through the small screen of your cell phone.

In the next Global ISSues podcast episode, co-hosts and MA students (2020-21) Surabhi Srivastava and Natalia Abril Bonilla weave stories of solidarity with students from Colombia, India, Jordan and Uganda to discuss what it was like to watch instances of conflict and movements play out from afar.

More episodes of Global ISSues are in the pipeline for Fall 2021.

About Global ISSues

This is the first official podcast of ISS and a platform for sharing our collective stories and first-hand experiences related to international development and social change. This medium amplifies voices that are a part of ISS to explore the changing global landscape in current affairs and shifting paradigms through insightful and eye-opening conversations. 

How to listen

You can listen to each episode when you visit our SoundCloud profile. If you like to listen on the go, you can download the SoundCloud app on your Android or Apple device.