ISS researchers granted €2.7 million for study aimed at people's decision to migrate

Migrants entering EU
European Commission DG ECHO:

Professor Thea Hilhorst and Dr Simona Vezzoli are recipients of the Horizon Europe grant for their project proposal aimed at understanding people's decisions to migrate. 'PACES: Making migration and migration policy decisions amidst societal transformations' will be conducted over 40 months with an international consortium of 15 partners from Europe, Africa and the United States.

The International Institute of Social Studies warmly welcomes Dr Vezzoli, who acts as the principal investigator for PACES. Dr Vezzoli is a migration specialist whose research interests explore the relationship between migration and social transformation. The project formally begins on 1 March 2023.


The project blends theoretical and empirical knowledge from various interdisciplinary approaches to understand the interaction between factors shaping migration patterns, mechanisms underpinning migration policies and broader social transformation. Based on qualitative and quantitative data collected in Algeria, Ethiopia, Italy, Libya, Nigeria, Slovakia and Spain, PACES will elaborate on a heuristic model to identify conditions influencing people's decision to stay or migrate at different life stages. In addition, researchers will investigate the extent to which current migration policies are evidence-based by analyzing and tracking assumptions on migration decisions used by policymakers to formulate policy.

PACES intends to engage in co-participatory research with policymakers, stakeholders, citizens and migrants with the support of the project's interdisciplinary consortium of experienced partners. As a result, the project aims to generate scientific and social impact toward effective EU migration governance models that account for uncertainty and future social transformations.


Thea Hilhorst


Simona Vezzoli

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