Jojo Nem Singh to take part in several events on extractivism and the climate

Jewellord Nem Singh

The future of extractivism, the emerging relationship between Latin America and East Asia and COP27.

As lead researcher of the Green Industrial policy in the age of rare metals (GRIP-ARM) research project, Dr Jojo Nem Singh will be participating in a number of events on extractivism and the climate in the coming weeks.

Elemental frontiers

10 November 2022 at Western Sydney University, Australia

This seminar examines how new objects of extraction, such as lithium and rare earth minerals, have generated new sites of struggle, especially for First Nations people. How resource intensive is the ‘green’ economy and what are the impacts of these 21st-century extractive industries?

Energy transition in Asia and Latin America

14 November 2022 at Kyoto University, Japan

This roundtable will reflect on emerging energy transition relationships between Latin America and East Asia. Jojo Nem Singh will talk about Japan’s Resource Investment Strategy amidst Crisis and Uncertainty

Make climate action everyone's business forum

15 November 2022 at virtually at COP27 conference

Jojo Nem Singh will be a panelist during the COP27 conference.


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