The looming global food crisis

Recordings from a workshop
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Grain and The Looming Global Food Crisis

The looming food crisis may have been triggered by the war in Ukraine, but food prices were rising well before the war started.

This is the main highlight of the international workshop 'The Looming Food Crisis: The Ukraine war and the implications for food security and the global agrifood system’ held at the International Institute of Social Studies on 1 July 2022

The workshop included contributions by speakers from international universities and agencies, thinktanks and NGOs. The participants represented a wide range of countries and came from academics, policy and the private sector.

Recordings of the presentations are now available for viewing

  • Oane Visser (ISS)

Opening of 'The looming global food crisis'

  • Mihai Varga (Freie Universität Berlin): Tested through crisis? Smallholder agriculture in war-time Ukraine

The state of agriculture in Ukraine

  • Irna Hofman (Oxford University): Wheat & War: Conflict & complex dependencies in Central Asia
  • Jiayi Zhou (SIPRI): Agricultural Axis? Sino-Russian food relations in the aftermath of invasion

China, Russia and their Central European neighbours

  • Judith Pallot (Oxford and Helsinki Universities): Resources for the War: the sustainability of Russia’s reliance on the rural peripheries for its war in Ukraine
  • Oane Visser & Meline Khachatryan (ISS): Implications of Western sanctions for Russia’s technological innovation & food export

Chair: Arpita Bisht (ISS)

War, subsistence farming & the future of Russia

  • Marco V. Sanchez (FAO, Rome): Is the war in Ukraine the culprit for the looming global food crisis? A deep dive into the real drivers
  • Tomasso Ferrando (University of Antwerp): The other side of the crises: Financing food insecurity

Chair: Christina Sathyamala (ISS)

Food insecurity and the global food system

  • Don Kalb (Bergen U.), Tobias von Lossow (Clingendael), Madelon Meijer (Oxfam Novib), Christian Henderson (Leiden University), Mihai Varga (Freie U., Berlin). 

Chair: Irna Hofman (Oxford U.) 

This session was not recorded, but a blog will be released in August 2022 based on input from the roundtable and overall workshop.

More information

The workshop was organized by the Eurasian Agrifood & Land initiative (EURAL) and funded by the Political Ecology research group, and the Development Research Seminar series.

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