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For research to be called socially transformative, the production of scientific knowledge with the aim of addressing a societal problem is not enough. Research processes themselves must also be socially just, which calls for critical self-examination by researchers of how they do research.

A project led by ISS researchers seeks to conceptualize a transformative research methodology that underlines a radically different and morally responsible way of conducting research by identifying and challenging assumptions that perpetuate social injustices in research processes.

This post by Sreerekha Sathi, Karin Astrid Siegmann, Cynthia Bejeno, Lize Swatz and Richard Toppo introduces the project and its core premises.

Assistant professor

Dr Sreerekha Sathi

Associate professor

Dr Karin Astrid Siegmann


Dr Cynthia Bejeno

Recent PhD graduate

PhD student

Lize Swartz

PhD student

Richard Toppo

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