'Migraine and stress—an exploratory cross‑country study of external stress factors'

Professor Irene van Staveren

External stress factors linked to prevalence and severity of migraine

In this study, Professor Irene van Staveren researched the correlation between chronic stress and migraine. As a result of her findings of the correlation at the individual level, Irene van Staveren went on to research the experience of migraine around the world.

She found that migraine ranked number one in Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and Venezuela. She carried out an exploratory cross-country analysis to test a possible correlation between migraine prevalence and severity on the one hand and country-level stress factors on the other hand. She found statistically significant relationships, both for developing and for developed countries.

Her research results have now been published now in BMC Research Notes: - Migraine and stress - an exploratory cross-country study of external stress factors.


Professor Irene van Staveren

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