Mining Our Way Out of the Climate Change Conundrum?

Article by Dr Jewellord Nem Singh

'An uncritical embrace of clean technology may also lead to greater inequalities and uneven development.'

So argues Dr Jewellord Nem Singh in his article published as part of the Latin America's Environmental Policies in Global Perspective collaborative research project.

In Mining Our Way Out of the Climate Change Conundrum? The Power of a Social Justice Perspective, Nem Singh offers a global perspective on the green transition and an opportunity to move beyond the narrow geopolitical lenses often applied to the study of rare metals.

He argues for the need for a social justice perspective to tackling climate change, pointing to the highly uneven costs of the green transition.

Assistant professor

Dr Jewellord Nem Singh

Assistant Professor in International Development

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About the research project

To examine the role of the international community in shaping Latin America’s environmental agenda, the Wilson Center’s Latin American Program and its Brazil Institute, Environmental Change and Security Program, China Environment Forum, and Global Europe Program launched a collaborative research project last year, Latin America’s Environmental Policies in Global Perspective.

Through a series of papers written by experts representing diverse perspectives, the project explores how environmental challenges in Latin America increasingly condition the region’s most important diplomatic and economic relationships, and how those relationships in turn impact conditions on the ground.

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