Murat Arsel appointed Professor of Political Economy of Sustainable Development

Professor Murat Arsel

On 1 September 2018, the Executive Board of Erasmus University appointed Murat Arsel as Professor of Political Economy of Sustainable Development.


Murat Arsel teaches in the Development Studies MA programme at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and is Research Group Coordinator of the Political Ecology Research Group.

His research  is  concerned  with  the  possibility  of  achieving  emancipatory  yet  ecologically  sustainable socioeconomic  development  within  the  context  of  global  capitalism.  The focus is specifically  on  social  conflicts  –  which  Arsel conceives of as  inevitable  yet  unpredictable  –  in  sites  where  nature  and  natural  resources  are  being  extracted  or  mobilized  in  the  name  of  rapid  industrial  development. 

In  two  related  strands  of  inquiry,  Arsel uses  these  conflicts  to  understand  how  social  actors  seek  to  redirect  the  powers  of  nation  states  towards  their  vision  of  just  and  sustainable  development  and  to  interrogate  the  ability  of  capitalism  to  respond  to  environmental  crises  at  various  scales.

Currently Arsel is developing a new line of inquiry that interrogates the utility of the concept of class to our understanding of societal responses to climate change.