Oane Visser awarded Toyota Foundation grant on Digital Farming

Oane Visser

The Toyota Foundation has awarded Dr Oane Visser a two year grant as principal investigator on the project The Rise of Digital Farming. Investigating the role of social interaction and values in the “new agricultural revolution”.

GPS steered combines, milk robots, drones making field scans, agronomic advice via smart phones and big data of farming; these are some examples of the recent digitalization food production. 

The project will investigate:

  • what underlying values drive the recent digital revolution in farming,
  • how do they shape social interaction in the sphere of digital farming innovation, and consequently the future of agriculture?

Investigating these topics is timely, as the socio-technological structures have not yet crystallized at this early stage of development.

The research project includes field research in two major actors in digital farming: Australia and the EU. It will be conducted with Dr Sarah Sippel (dept. of Geography, University of Leipzig). Meline Khachatryan, who has a MA from the ISS, is employed in the research project.

Dr Sarah Sippel

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