Oane Visser conducts food security training

Oane Visser

Oane Visser, associate professor in agrarian, food & environmental studies, held a training on food security for diplomats from Sub-Saharan Africa at think tank and diplomatic academy Clingendael in The Hague.

Diplomats from 11 different countries, stationed at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs in their home countries and at embassies at Brussels and the FAO in Rome, attended the training.

Visser discussed the food security implications of the war in Ukraine and the resulting price hikes for food and fertilizers.

Drawing, amongst others, on insights from the international workshop on the food crisis held at  ISS, he discussed the longer-term drivers of the current food crisis such as climate change, over-dependence on imported wheat and food speculation. The training also presented various (overlooked) ways to address these threats to food security.

Associate professor

Dr Oane Visser

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