Pandemic Economics - exacerbating the economic fallout of the corona pandemic

Professor Peter van Bergeijk

Puzzled by the fact that applied policy economists all around the world misunderstood the probability of a pandemic and estimated the loss of such an event at a few percent of Gross Planet Product, Pandemic Economics discusses how health care measures and economic policy exacerbated the economic fallout of the pandemic. 

This seminar, part of the Containment Seminar series by the Development Economics research group, discusses the first part of  Pandemic Economics, a book by Professor Peter van Bergeijk to be published in the autumn of 2020 by Edward Elgar.

Professor van Bergeijk provides an overview of the analysis and pandemic preparedness of economists, analyses how forecasts on the impact of corona changed and questions the reactions of international authorities.

The health policy and economic policy reactions in the global North will make the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals more difficult and increase the health consequence of the corona crisis in the global South.

This seminar and the discussion following it took place online. Both were recorded and you can watch them below.


Professor Peter van Bergeijk