Perspectives on development - best student essays

First compiled in 2006, An Exercise in Worldmaking is a collection of best MA student essays written, selected and edited by the students themselves. The essays illustrate how a diverse student body, representing over fifty countries and a host of professional and educational backgrounds, can contest, construct and redefine the notion of development; thus maintaining the contemporary social, political and economic relevance of development theory and practice.

The essays in this year's best student essay compilation explore the many sides of development, resulting in a book covering the rich variety of Perspectives on Development.

The compilation includes essays on Dutch water diplomacy, innovative social housing in the Philippines, an investigation of development aid from China, a discussion into issues of climate change in relation to science and religion to name but a few of the topics discussed.

Nominated by ISS faculty, the essays that finally make it to publication are selected by the students themselves illustrating the critical and innovative approach to education and learning at the International Institute of Social Studies.

Perspectives on Development - best student essays 2018-2019

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