Dr Annisa Srikandini

'Politics of Disaster Risk Governance in Indonesia and Myanmar'

Annisa Gita Srikandini public defence


What makes Indonesia and Myanmar particularly vulnerable to disaster? This is the question Annisa Gita Srikandini set out to answer during her PhD defence 27 March 2018. In her thesis, 'Politics of Disaster Risk Governance in Indonesia and Myanmar: A Study into the Dynamics of Governance Network on Disaster Risk Reduction', Annisa particularly focused on disaster risk governance.

Annisa's research was guided by four principal questions:

  1. How has inclusive disaster risk reduction been developed at the global level?
  2. How does the principle of inclusiveness on disaster risk governance work in practice in Indonesia and Myanmar?
  3. How has the idea of an interactive structure for disaster risk reduction governance networks played out in these countries?
  4. What are the lessons learned in interactive governance from the two case studies?

What she found was that the massive endorsement and policy changes towards inclusive disaster risk reduction seem to negatively impact the capacity to reduce disaster in an effective and efficient manner. Disaster risk governance is often seen as too complex, too competitive and ineffective.

Thesis abstract

Download the thesis abstract below.