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Prioritising ‘well-being’ amongst refugees living in fragile settings

Somalian refugees sitting in a park
Holly A. Ritchie

ISS PhD graduate Holly Ritchie explores how a project in a fringe area of Nairobi, Kenya seeks to counter the precarious position of Somali refugee women by placing their well-being first, with particular emphasis on the role of culture and inclusion.

She argues that a focus on improving the well-being of vulnerable groups such as refugees and migrants is crucial for at least two reasons:

  • managing the trauma of crisis and disruption that has severely affected the lives of such groups
  • confronting new challenges arising in displacement, including ‘social and cultural barriers to integration, low socio-economic status, acculturation stress, exclusion and discrimination’

She argues cultural and religious diversity needs to be recognized and embraced with institutional-level support to promote greater acceptance of marginalized groups. 

Read the post >>> Prioritising ‘well-being’ amongst refugees living in fragile settings through the framework of culture and inclusion

About the author

Holly A Ritchie is a post-doc Research Fellow at ISS and a Research Affiliate at the Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa.

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