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'Public spaces as a battleground'

Katerina Mojanchevska - PhD defence

New post on the ISS blog, BLISS, by Katerina Mojanchevska, a recent doctoral graduate from the ISS.

In Macedonia, a country divided along ethnic lines, public spaces seem to be the only meeting place left for ethnic groups that are growing more divided. Contact is the only way to surpass ethnic fragmentation that has been accelerated in recent years in the country. 

In this latest post on Bliss, the International Institute of Social Studies' blog on Global Development and Social Justice, Katerina Mojanchevska discusses the importantance of public spaces in the Macedonian context, the fundamental changes that such spaces are undergoing and its implications.

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About the author

Katerina Mojanchevska is a recent doctoral graduate from the ISS (May 2018). She has been working in the civil society sector in Macedonia on research projects, trainings and seminars in the field of cultural policy, and urban and social development. Her research and professional interests encompass intersection among identity, public space, inter-culturality and innovation in urban governance.

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