Research InSightS’ 1-year anniversary:

Reflections and expansions

Research InSightS was launched just over a year ago to share our research-driven stories and findings. For the occasion a reflection piece was published in the latest episode of DevISSues and the portfolio was expanded with the launch of the first episode of Research InSightS LIVE.

Article in DevISSues: reflections on the journey

The article in DevISSues entitled 'Knowledge for change: getting our Research InSightS out' is a reflection piece that explains how Research InSightS came into being as part of ISS’ ambitions to contribute to social justice and a more equitable world. By making research stories and findings available and accessible to a wider audience, Research InSightS is one part of ISS’ efforts to produce research with the potential to drive action

'The ambition to engage in societally relevant research is intrinsically motivated and forms a key part of ISS’ DNA but is now further reinforced by extrinsic drivers.'

Yet the key lies in research design and execution. These should however not be seen as separate parts. Rather we should reflect on how these two parts be further integrated, synergized and strengthened, so that that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The piece thus also contains a call to action to continually reflect on and be honest, critical and humble about strategies and realities as well as our underlying assumptions.

Read the full article - 'Knowledge for change: getting our Research InSightS out'

Expanding the portfolio: Research InSightS LIVE Episode #1

Research InSightS is not only about taking our knowledge OUT. It’s also about opening ISS’ (for now virtual) doors and bringing others IN, to share what our diverse team of researchers is working on, create opportunities to ask questions and provide input, and engage in exchange.

'Research InSightS is not only about taking our knowledge OUT. It’s also about bringing others IN. Research InSightS LIVE was launched to enable this.'

To enable this, the first episode of Research InSightS LIVE took place on 3 June 2021. Entitled 'Climate change: A story of seduction & destruction', it was organized in the run up to world environment day (5 June) and featured 5 ISS researchers:

Stay tuned for Episode #2 on migration!

Watch the full recording of Research InSightS LIVE - 'Climate change: A story of seduction & destruction'

Research InSightS LIVE #1 | Climate change: a story of seduction and destruction

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