The role and conditions of migrant labour in the Netherlands

Article by Karin Astrid Siegmann et al
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In their article, 'Migrant Labour in Dutch Agriculture: Regulated Precarity', Karin Astrid Siegmann, Julia Quaedvlieg and Tyler Williams highlight a relevant, but commonly invisibilized aspect of Dutch agriculture, namely the role and conditions of migrant workers.

The authors counter claims that the rights abuses migrant workers from Central and Eastern Europe experience are exceptional and related to rogue employers.

In contrast, they show that '[...] migrant precarity has been legalised in the context of the highly flexibilised Dutch labour market. Workers’ location at the bottom of an agri-food chain dominated by retailers and their dependency on employers weakens their economic position.'

Read the full article online - 'Migrant labour in Dutch agriculture: Regulated precarity' - European Journal of Migration and Law 28 July 2022.

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