'Scenarios for a post-corona world that is ... still pre-pandemic'

Online seminar held by Peter van Bergeijk on 11 June 2020

It will take significant time, energy and investment to get a hold on the Covid-19 pandemic, but the real challenge is to start to prepare for the next pandemic.

Professor Peter van Bergeijk presented his work in progress for his book Pandemic Economics that is to be published by Edward Elgar in the autumn of 2020. Following an update on where we stand in the battle against the economic fallout of the Corona virus, Peter argued that our mindset needs to change; we need to realize that our society is always pre-pandemic.

Based on five different settings that run from a Darwinian society to an autarkic autocracy, the seminar investigated how the organization of society could influence the impact of the next pandemic.

View the original invitation, recording of the seminar or download the PowerpPoint presentation below:

Original invitation

Online Seminar by Peter van Bergeijk