Scholars at risk: Why the Dutch system is failing

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The Dutch system for supporting refugee scholars has become ineffective and futile. In this post, Linda Johnson explains how and why this is the case and suggests what should be done about it.

In the past, scholars facing persecution were regularly  received by Dutch universities, which provided them with a safe space to continue conducting their research in times of adversity.

In 2019, the Dutch system for providing a safe haven for such scholars collapsed – an event that went largely unnoticed at the time. Ever since, efforts to help scholars have been mostly futile, largely because the bureaucratic hurdles to providing a safe space are more or less insurmountable.

Read the ful post - 'Scholars at risk: why the Dutch system for protecting persecuted scholars is failing and why the government urgently needs to get involved' by Linda Johnson, 11 April 2023

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