Sex Workers’ Everyday Security in the Netherlands and the Impact of COVID‐19

'Belle' - Amsterdam, Red Light District, Statue in honor of prostitutes
'Belle' (Amsterdam, Red Light District, statue in honor of prostitutes)
Cristiano Corsini. Under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

The regulation of sex work in the Netherlands results in sex workers having certain obligations yet do not enjoy the full guarantee of labour rights.

In their recent article published in Sexuality Research and Social Policy, María Inés Cubides Kovacsics, Wáleri Santos and Karin Astrid Siegmann argue that '[s]ex work regulation in the Netherlands leaves workers in a limbo — not without obligations and surveillance, yet, without the full guarantee of their labour rights.'

To counter this limbo, the recognition of sex work as work with matching rights and entitlements similar to other occupations needs to be matched with efforts to fight 'the sex industry’s harmful social regulation through hierarchies of gender, sexuality and race.'

Read the full article - 'Sex workers' everyday security in the Netherlands and the impact of COVID-19'.

PhD student
Wáleri Santos
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Associate Professor in Labour and Gender Economics

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