Sharing international experiences between Brazil and the Netherlands

Sharing international experiences - Brazil Netherlands - GOLLS

On 25 November 2020, Lee Pegler, Fiorella Macchiavello and Juscelino Bezerra conducted an open webinar to present their research project on the Governance of Labour and Logistics for Sustainability (GOLLS). 

The GOLLS project and its associated PhD research is the result of the international partnership between the University of Brasilia (UnB) and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS).

During the webinar the participants discussed the GOLLS project, looking at the research conduced by Dr Juscelino Bezerra and Dr Lee Pegler which focuses on the production, exportation and certification of fruits between the Netherlands and Brazil. 

They also discussed the objective of organizing a joint PhD degree between the two institutes.


The objective of the Governance of Labour and Logistics for Sustainability project is to promote labour rights and human security along and within global value chains linking Brazil and Holland. Sustainability (social and environmental) is central to this focus. 

The project is set against the debate about whether and how the 'logic' of labour and communities (often in the Global South) involved in production can be conciliated with the 'logic' of chain drivers (often in the Global North).

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