'Singing their Injustices through Time'

Singing their injustices through time - poster - GOLLS
 Singing their Injustices through time - Performance - GOLLS
As Mulheres em Dominio Publico

A research project investigating global value chains in the Netherlands and Brazil is highlighting a Brazilian musical initiative which is bringing the hardships, loves and stories of current and former women cacao workers to life.

Once ignored as a key labour force, women cacao workers have made their views felt in poetry and song. 'As Mulheres em Dominio Publico' is a recent musical group project aimed at re-telling these stories. It has acquired quite some recognition within and by musical circles and is now shown in this musical documentary (commentary in Portuguese) 

One of the focal points of the Governance of Labour & Logistics for Sustainability (GOLLS) project is a study of social implications of the so-called modernization of the Brazilian cacao sector. A key question within this work is whether modernizing large fazendas or even local level solidarity economy initiatives are really promoting social inclusion. A key indicator of social inclusion relates to subjective and objective experiences of women – and their voicing of this.

Hence the projects connections to 'As Mulheres em Dominio Publico' with their visions and links with the GOLLS research process in Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil.

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