In the spotlight: database Annual Reviews

The database Annual Reviews gives access to comprehensive review articles, covering the major literature on a specific topic, within the fields of economics and the social sciences.

The database includes:

The Annual Review of Anthropology, the Annual Review of Economics, the Annual Review of Environment and Resources, the Annual Review of Political Science, the Annual Review of Resource Economics, the Annual Review of Sociology, and many more.

Review articles filter relevant primary research to guide you to the essential information. The articles in Annual Reviews capture current understanding of a topic – for example 'China–Africa Encounters: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Realities', 'The Judicialization of Health Care: A Global South Perspective', 'When Does Globalization Help the Poor?' and 'The Sociology of Refugee Migration'.

The articles include what is well supported and what is controversial, set the work in historical context, highlight the major questions that remain to be addressed and the likely course of research in upcoming years and outline the practical applications and general significance of research to society.

This makes these articles very useful when you need an introduction to a new field of research or when you want to keep up to date of your field.


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