Successful PhD defence by Fabio Andrés Díaz Pabón

Of his thesis of patterns of conflict in South Africa and Colombia
Fabio Andres Diaz Pabon 2022

On Thursday 24 November, Fabio Andrés Díaz Pabón successfully defended his thesis entitled 'Connecting expressions of discontent: The processes of escalation, de-escalation and recurrence of conflict in Colombia and South Africa'

He questioned the dominant idea that protest and armed conflict are unrelated and asserts that different expressions of conflict can be studied as related. He argues that 'different' forms of conflict - protests, protest campaigns and armed conflict - can be understood and analysed as part of wider processes of collective action.

He focused on South Africa and Colombia to examine the different patterns of interconnection and disconnection between protests, protest campaigns and armed conflict.

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PhD defence Fabio Andres Diaz Pabon

PhD defence Fabio Andres Diaz Pabon

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Dr Fabio Andrés Díaz Pabón

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