Successful PhD defence by Sabna Abbass Ali

With her thesis on extractive industries and development
Defence Sabna Mohamed Abbass Ali
Dr Sabna Mohamed Abbass Ali

On 3 December, Sabna Mohamed Abbass Ali successfully defended her thesis 'Extractive industries and development: An investigation into the resource curse impact on happiness, growth, export diversification, and institutions'

She investigated the underperformance of the majority of resource-rich countries.

In four articles based on research in Sudan and South Sudan, Sabna Ali probed into a new perspective on the 'resource curse', looking respectively at happiness and the resource curse; post-succession Sudan and South Sudan; oil, export diversification and economic growth in Sudan; and an evaluation of the impact of oil reserve loss on Sudan's growth.

The full thesis will be available for download from the ISS Library

Photos of the defence

Take a look at some photos taken during the defence

PhD dispution by candidate

PhD defence Sabna Ali

PhD defence Sabna Ali

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