Successful seminar series on Unwanted Peoples and Boundaries of Citizenship

The International Institute of Social Studies and the Conflict and Resilience Research Institute (CRRIC) in Winnipeg, Canada recently held a series of four webinars on  ‘Unwanted’ Peoples and Boundaries of Citizenship Struggles: Rohingya, Banyamulenge and others'.

International speakers examined 'unwanted communities' such as the Banyamulenge and Rohingya. In discussions they hoped to draw lessons and strategies for demanding rights and prevent further persecution of these two ‘unwanted’ minorities. 


There were four seminars, which were streamed and watched thousands of times on Congolese media, provoking much debate:

Articles in Congovirtual (in French)

Assistant professor

Dr Helen Hintjens

PhD student

Delphin Ntanyoma

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