Tanzania Handbook presented to ISS Rector

Second edition Tanzania Planners' Handbook
Ms Agnes Kiama Tengia handing over the Handbook to ISS' Rector professor Inge Hutter
Ms Agnes Kiama Tengia of the Embassy of Tanzania hands over the new Handbook to ISS Rector professor Inge Hutter

In the presence of ISS students from Tanzania Ms Agnes Kiama Tengia, First Secretary of the Embassy of Tanzania in The Hague, has handed over a copy of the new Tanzania Planners' Handbook to professor Inge Hutter, Rector of ISS.

This book is the second edition of the first Tanzania Planners’ Handbook, a guide for regional and rural development planning, that was published in 1985 for the first time as a result of the cooperation between the Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP) in Tanzania and ISS. The second edition is mostly written by 60 IRDP staff members. The handbook is donated by the embassy as a token of appreciation for the long-lasting cooperation between IRDP and ISS.

The full text of the book can be downloaded from the repository of the African Studies Centre Leiden.

The first edition of the handbook has mainly been written by ISS staff under supervision of the late professor Hans van Raay, in cooperation with professor Raymond Apthorpe, professor Bert Helmsing, John Steenwinkel and others that contributed to the capacity of IRDP. It has been used by the Tanzanian planners for nearly 30 years. Now, in 2018, 60 IRDP staff wrote the second version of the Tanzania Planners’ Handbook. Professor Helmsing coached the editors, but the writing of the handbook has been the result of a long lasting Nuffic financed cooperation between IRDP and the Netherlands (in which MDF, ISS, Wageningen, ITC and VNG were involved).