Tinbergen’s ‘descendants’ - the spirit of Tinbergen at ISS

Jan Tinbergen
Jan Tinbergen

In this article in Erasmus Magazine, three of Tinbergen’s descendants – Bas Jacobs, Peter van Bergeijk and Uwe Thümmel talk about their link to Tinbergen and his relevance today.

'Yes, that’s exactly how I always refer to myself: as a descendant of Tinbergen', says economist Bas Jacobs. 'I wouldn’t dare to claim the same academic stature as Tinbergen, but I also want to do academically solid, socially engaged and policy-relevant research.'

Fellow economist Peter van Bergeijk, who works for the International Institute of Social Studies, says that Tinbergen continues to inspire people working in the field. Thanks, among other things, to the method he developed for measuring economic phenomena: econometrics. 'Until then, future economic developments were predicted on the basis of common sense and ideological principles. Tinbergen changed all that.'

Read the full article in Erasmus Magazine - Tinbergen’s ‘descendants’: his spirit is still with us

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