Trade agreements can positively impact the agricultural food trade

Evidence from a meta study

Syvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor, Dela-Dem Doe Fiankor and Binyam Afewerk Demena argue that Regional trade agreements (RTAs) positively promote agri-food trade. 

They come to this conclusion in their meta-analysis of 61 studies investigating the effects of various RTAs on agri-food trade.

They found that the extent of this effect depends on the depth of economic integration within the RTA, distinguishing between customs unions and free trade agreements, as well as the classification of agri-food products as primary or processed.

There are strong policy implications of their findings, with RTAs able to reduce the endemic trade barriers faced by agri-food products in the global market. 

The implications for developing countries in particular are important and these countries should endeavor to add value to their primary agricultural products that are exported to developed countries. 

Download their article for the full findings: 'Do regional trade agreements affect agri-food trade? Evidence from a meta-analysis'. Published in Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy December 2023.


Assistant professor
Dr Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor
Dr Dela-Dem Doe Fiankor
Assistant professor
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