What determines societal relevance?

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In this new post on the ISS blog Bliss, Roy Huijsmans and Elyse Mills discuss what it means to produce 'societally relevant' research

An external committee found that the ISS’s research is highly societally relevant, but what does that really mean, and what determines it?

Roy Huijsmans and Elyse Mills consider four broad questions as a guide toward a better understanding of societal relevance and impact:

  • Societal relevance or societal impact?
  • Is societal relevance time/space-specific?
  • Societal relevance to whom, when, and why?
  • What is a scholar-activist approach to societal relevance?

They find that the complexity and contingencies of societal relevance in relation to research must be appreciated before attempting to develop a methodological framework for measuring it.

Read the full post - 'What determines societal relevance?'

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