What is the impact of physical border walls on trade flows?

Article by Vetonatus Kamwela, Binyam Demena and Peter van Bergeijk
Markus Spike

The erection of physical border protection structures have a stronger negative impact on trade flows that other geographical variables. So argue Vetonatus Kamwela, Dr Binyam Demena and Dr Peter van Bergeijk in their latest article published in Applied Economics.

In 'The return of the border walls', the authors consider the proliferation of border wall and fences since the early 2000s.

Examining data from over 100 countries, they find that although the immediate impact of erecting a wall or fence is insignificant, over a longer period the constructions account for a roughly two-third reduction in bilateral trade between the two sides of the border.

Read the article online - 'The return of the border walls'Appied Economics 30 October 2023

Vetonatus Kamwela
Vetonatus graduated from ISS in 2019
Assistant professor
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The research for this article was supported by a pilot programme that facilitated academic staff and recently graduated MA students in converting their MA theses into papers suitable for submission to peer-reviewed outlets.

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