Will the right-wing populist Geert Wilders be the next Dutch Prime Minister?

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On 22 November, the PVV (Party for Freedom) led by Geert Wilders won the most votes in the national elections in the Netherlands. But the national elections to elect members of the Lower House of parliament in the Netherlands is just the beginning of the government-forming process.

In this post, Professor Thea Hilhorst looks at the potential outcomes following the Dutch general election last week.

Whilst the PVV party, led by Geert Wilders, won the largest proportion of votes, this is just the beginning of the government-forming process. The Dutch system requires building governing coalitions, and the largest party does not always form the next government.

So, what is the PVV? How might they govern? And will Geert Wilders become Prime Minister?

Read the full post - 'A right-wing populist party ‘won’ the Dutch elections. What does this mean? And will Geert Wilders become Prime Minister?', BlISS 30 November 2023

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