Is the world deglobalizing?

Degloblization - painting - 2018
Deglobalization series for Bliss


Is the world moving towards isolationism and protectionism? And if so, what are the drivers and the consequences?

These are a couple of the questions to be dealt with in the Deglobalization series for Bliss - the ISS blog.

Dedicated blogs by Rory Horner (UK), Evan Hillebrand (US), S. Mansoob Murshed (ISS), Chenmei Li, (China), Haroldo Montagu (Argentina) and Ana Cristina Canales Gomez (Chile) will provide challenging perspectives on deglobalization and its heterogenous impact in the Global North and South and its impact on conflict, health and welfare.

Bliss guest editor Professor Peter van Bergeijk kicks off the series with his post on 'Deglobalization 2.0: Trump and Brexit are but symptoms'.



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