Youth Employment and Politics seminar series

ISS researchers Dr Roy Huijsmans and Emeritus Professor Ben White join international speakers at webinar series organized by the Institute of Development Studies.

The webinar series will focus on  the themes of youth mobility, employment, rural livelihoods, politics, peace and security, and youth in humanitarian settings.

The speakers and discussants will address both the ‘histories’ and ‘futures’ of youth by speaking to dynamics before and during the pandemic and making observations on its implication.

Researchers from the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) will be taking an active role in two of the webinars, with Dr Roy Huijsmans participating in a session on 'Youth mobility, security and livelihoods in West Africa and the Horn' and Emeritus Professor Ben White in a session on 'Hard work and hazard: Youth and the rural economy in Africa'.

ISS and IDS recently re-affirmed their teaching and research partnership to facilitate a significant range of activities, from joint research projects on youth, migration and political ecology, to staff exchanges, teaching collaborations and convening impact platforms