(Haris) HA Zargar, MSc


My study looks at social movements, particularly those rooted in the Muslim revivalist thought, in the context of redistributive agrarian reforms in the disputed Kashmir valley. 

International Institute of Social Studies

External PhD candidate | ISS PhD
Kortenaerkade 12, 's - Gravenhage


  • HA (Haris) Zargar (25 September 2019) - On Kashmir, India and Covid-19

  • HA (Haris) Zargar (2021) - ISRF Small Group Project 2021
  • HA (Haris) Zargar (2020) - IPRA Peace Research Foundation Grant
  • HA (Haris) Zargar (2015) - Culture of Resistance SOAS Scholarship

News regarding (Haris) HA Zargar, MSc

What is the role of scholars in speaking the truth?

Should scholars transcend impartiality and play a role as political agents revealing the truth? Yes, according to PhD researcher Haris Zargar in this blog post
Hands one on top of another

'Cached resistance: The “unheard” narratives of militancy in Kashmir

Haris Zagar reconstructs Kashmiri rebels through their 'silenced' histories contained within the intimate memories of their family members
Haris Zargar

Addressing threats to scholars on the ground demands proactive measures from Academic institutions: Notes from fieldwork in Kashmir

Fieldwork is the most critical, and perhaps, the most demanding component of research, especially in difficult and hazardous contexts.

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