(Hati) BH Gitundu, MSc


Beatrice Hati (Bea) is a PhD researcher at the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. She has expertise in urban development, resilience and sustainability practise. In her doctoral research, she explores Multilevel risk governance arrangements of non-dominant partners and construction of resilienCe among the urban poor. She concurrently works as the Urban Coordinator at the International Centre for Frugal Innovation, Kenya Hub. 

Bea has research interests in Pro-poor development and research, Community resilience, Disaster risk management, Adaptive governance, development policy and politics, (Nested) Networks and Partnerships. Methodologically, she has experience and affitinity for Participatory Action Research methods, Collaborative Applied Science and Community Research.

In her previous assignment, she has worked as an independent consultant for the Centre for Urban Research Innovation, University of Nairobi; Urban planner and development specialist for Shack/ Slum Dwellers International (SDI); Lead transport researcher for Institute for Development Studies (IDS), and now also sits at the UNAccc (Unity of Nations Action for Climate Change Council) Governing Council as the Secretary General for Kenya.

She subscribes to Global Citizenship and commits to pro-poor development. 

International Institute of Social Studies

External PhD candidate | ISS PhD
Kortenaerkade 12, 's - Gravenhage


  • Hati Gitundu (2022) - Resilient Urban Communities: Reframing resilience governance in marginalized urban settlements: the role of multi-level governance (MLG) arrangements of grassroots organizations (GROs).
  • Hati Gitundu (2022) - Tell It Like It Is: Conversations Between the Global North and South on Design and Community Life in Human Settlements

Urban Coordinator

Start date approval
January 2021

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