(Lillian) L Sol Cueva, MA


I have followed a dynamic and versatile career. My professional experience includes work in public policy, human and womens rights, sustainable development, energy and climate change. I have gained professional experience as a project coordinator, volunteer and public official in national and international NGOs, as well as the Mexican government. 

Currently, as PhD, I am doing research on energy futures, municipal public markets and gender issues in Mexico City in order to challenge the dominant imaginary. 

My research assumes that a vast number of efforts for a new energy landscape in Mexico and the world fall short in two ways. First, the future portrayed in these initiatives is focused on the futures of technologies and fuels, overlooking social relations and energy uses. Second, these efforts are both produced by and oriented towards experts –politicians, engineers and the energy industry-, leaving aside a broader array of stakeholders in their envisioning or in their enactment. Specifically, these have ignored women, whose visions and voices continue to be silenced in political decisions.

International Institute of Social Studies

Visiting fellow | Academic staff unit
Kortenaerkade 12, 's - Gravenhage

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  • Lillian Sol Cueva (2023) - Women’s imagined energy futures: Methodological revision
  • Lillian Sol Cueva (2022) - Women’s imagined energy futures
  • Lillian Sol Cueva (2018) - Review on SDG 11: Cities
  • Lillian Sol Cueva (2017) - Submission: Scope and modalities for the periodic assessment of the TechnologyMechanism in relation to supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement

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