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Workshops and tools for job market orientation

What we offer

ISS career services are geared to help students get acquainted to the Dutch labour market and support them in uncovering their goals and talents. Many ISS MA candidates leave their previous jobs looking for new challenges within the academic or development sector. Some of our MA graduates move on within the academic world and pursue a PhD, while others look for a job in local and international development, humanitarianism, civil society and public service. Our goal is to provide services that equip students with the knowledge, confidence and know-how around a new labour market.

We accomplish this by:

  • hosting workshop events
  • offering informational sessions with local partners and;
  • providing free tools to the graduating students of each MA batch.

In addition, ISS has a special Career Services Corner in the library. Here you will find interesting books on career planning and networking, flyers with tips where to search for a job, announcements of presentations and adverts on a notice board.

Career Programme

Part of this programme is a Career Planning Workshop that consists of three sessions and focuses on a personal SWOT analysis, CV writing, preparing for interviews and networking. The workshop can be done several times throughout the year and is free accessible for all ISS students.

On a regular basis we organize Career Talks where ISS alumni and current students and staff share their experiences and steps in their careers.

In addition, ISS Coach Cafe is a workshop offered to MA students before they graduate. Students meet in small groups with ISS alumni to discuss their strengths, their dream jobs and the next steps in their career. The workshop helps students who perhaps need the confirmation or clarification into what they’re actually good at, or weren’t aware of, or which direction to go after their studies. This programme has been offered for the past few years due to well-received feedback.

Last, but not least: ISS hosts a closed-online Facebook group, 'ISS Community | Jobs & Internships' is a space where staff, alumni and students share interesting development-related vacancies and internships.

Recent career events

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2021 Coach Cafe recap

Coach Cafe over the years

Career workshops

Career workshops

1/4 Coach Cafe 2021
2/4 Coach Cafe 2020
3/4 Coach Cafe 2019
4/4 Coach Cafe 2018

Career services at Erasmus University Rotterdam

ISS students benefit from the range of career services of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). This varies from individual support checking your CV or LinkedIn profile, to participating in various workshops on, amongst others, networking and job searching strategies.

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