Scholas committees





Arts and Culture Committee

Space for everyone to come together to create, collaborate, and take a short break from studying! There are no limits when it comes to exploring arts & culture at ISS.  


Environment Committee

We are committed to bringing awareness and collectively building projects that target environmental thinking and actions of the ISS community. 


Gender and Sexual Diversity Committee

We are committed to promoting gender and sexuality issues within the ISS community through increasing male participation in our activities because gender issues affect everyone, not only females, promote participation related to LGBTi and sexual reproductive health awareness programs. We also want the student body to be aware of the ISS diversity and harassment policy.


Housing Committee 

The Housing Committee seeks to try and represent our collective issues and struggles with, literally, the ‘everyday.’ Get in touch with us for what’s troubling you at home and we’ll try and help as best as possible! (The extended committee has representatives from all four houses.)


International Committee

To promote understanding among the various nationalities represented at ISS, and increase awareness of the achievements, concerns, problems and current issues of the various countries represented at ISS.


Social Committee

“we are more than parties”, this year the social committee is all about integration! We want to be the bridge between the committees and the students, where every single one feels represented and part of the ISS community.


Sports Committee

The ISS Sports Committee is dedicated in promoting a healthy student life. The idea is to facilitate participation in sports among the students and organize sports activities within ISS and with other institutions in The Hague as well.


Volunteer committee

Our objective is to promote responsible voluntarism and social giving. We encourage students to get involved with local organisations through volunteering. We are keen to raise awareness about the linkages between volunteerism and development practice


Representative committees

Students are also represented on ISS policy committees and have regular meetings with the ISS Institute Board to ensure that the student voice is heard

Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)

Rupankar Dey from India
Meidoraeka Rigine from Indonesia
Belinda Ofosu-Asamoah from Ghana

Institute Council (IC)

Emily Edepi from Kenya

Rizki Akita from Indonesia

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