Our researchers engage in rigorous academic research that aims to contribute to solving today’s most pressing challenges. Committed to bridging research and society, they take their co-created knowledge and insights out into the wider world.

Research InSightS shares a selection of their latest research findings in engaging bite-sized formats. Check it out below!

Research InSights LIVE #3

COVID-19 and international development - book launch and discussion

Old economists offer the missing pieces of the puzzle for a new economy

Interview with Irene van Staveren about her new book

Research InSightS LIVE #2

Seeking systemic action for refugees and migrants

An export-led economy: A free lunch to economic success?

Evaluating Tanzania's aim to develop an export-led competitive economy

Migrants and access to healthcare in Costa Rica

Evidence on Nicaraguan migrant's experiences with public health services

Preparing for the next pandemic

Interview with Peter van Bergeijk about his new book

If Rare Metals are the solution to a greener economy, who bears the cost?

Webinar with Dr Jojo Nem Singh

Tips for engaged scholarship

Can and should research 'bridge and gap' between research and society?

Same storm, different boat

Tackling unequal impacts of environmental pollution and climate change

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If you would like to contribute to Research InSightS or receive more information about ISS’ knowledge exchange activities, please contact Adinda Ceelen (Knowledge Broker & Research Communications Advisor).

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