The decolonization of aid

Part of the Humanitarian governance research project
The decolonization of aid - KUNO, Partos, ISS

Decolonization of Aid is a spin-off from the Humanitarian Governance research project, funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and executed in collaboration with KUNO - the Platform for Humanitarian Knowledge Exchange and Partos - the Dutch membership body for organizations working in international development.


The objective of this project is to start a critical and open debate about reshaping humanitarian governance structures based on academic insights and humanitarian practice and to inform and inspire policymakers, practitioners and academics.

Seminar series

The project team organized a series of five seminars to achieve this objective:

  1. A historical perspective on aid
  2. A development aid perspective
  3. A humanitarian aid perspective
  4. An ethical perspective
  5. The role of the donor

Individual reports were created of each session by The Broker  and the seminar reports were bundled in a booklet called ‘Whose Aid?’ 

A description of all webinars and links to publications, videos and podcasts can be found on this KUNO webpage.


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