Brenda Rodríguez Cortés

Why do your PhD at ISS?
Brenda Rodríguez Cortés
ISS MA alumna and current PhD researchers
The great thing about the ISS PhD programme
How will this programme help you in the future (career wise)?The PhD programme at ISS perfectly fits my goal of contributing to progressive social change and transformation.
Why did you choose ISS?After completing my MA at ISS, I decided to continue and pursue my PhD. Some of the reasons I chose ISS were because of its multidisciplinary academic excellence, an exciting research community with a critical thinking approach, as well as the diversity among its students. 
Would you recommend ISS to your peers?I would recommend the PhD programme at ISS because you can be part of an innovative research community, receive excellent academic guidance, develop critical analytical skills and have the opportunity to do collaborative work with other researchers.
The cultural diversity of ISSAt ISS you learn as much from your peers as you do from your courses. During the classroom interactions and the extracurricular activities you can get to know more about different cultures. Being part of the ISS family is something that you’ll cherish forever!