Darlington Ikechukwu Uzor (SJP)

ISS allows you to acquire the latest skills you need to excel in development, humanitarian, civil society and public service
Darlington Ikechukwu Uzor (Nigeria)
MA - Social Justice Perspectives major

Name: Darlington Ikechukwu Uzor from Nigeria

Major: Social Justice Perspective (SJP)

What is your background

I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations and I am a youth worker and development enthusiast with over 5 years’ experience in peace building, youth work, volunteering, advocacy training and driving campaigns against female genital mutilation, early child marriage, and public policy advocacy to promote youth participation in democratic and governance processes in Nigeria. Currently, working as a Program Coordinator at Hold My Hands Women & Youth Development Foundation and Program Officer campaign at YIAGA African Initiative.

Why did you choose ISS?

When I was applying for my MA program, I was very intentional in choosing the right school and country that will give me the best education in Development field, enabling environment, diversity and global network of like minded young leaders.

I got another scholarship offers but I choose ISS because of the following reasons below:

  • Strong Global Network of Alumni
  • Enabling environment located in the heart of Hague
  • Other Networking opportunities
  • Diversity at the ISS is second to none
  • More than 80% of people in the Netherlands speak English
  • Internship and volunteering opportunities with top NGOs in the world

How will this Programme help you in the future?

As a youth worker, my expectation from this program is to gain more practical and theoretical experience in development, improve my skills and broaden my understanding and knowledge on civil society management, strategic planning and implementation, and project management. I will further develop my leadership abilities and explore European best-practices, perspectives and experiences on Development issues and even from peers from other countries. I am convinced that taking part in this program offered by ISS, with its interdisciplinary approach, meets my expectations. Upon completion of my master’s degree, it’s my desire to work with the United Nations organizations and other relevant non-governmental and civil society organizations in Africa to improve youth development policies, and contribute in promoting peace, social justice and human rights across Africa.

Would you recommend ISS/the Netherlands to others?

Like I say earlier diversity and the programs offered at ISS and its interdisciplinary approach is second to none. Thus, if you are looking for a master’s program in Development Studies in Europe, ISS is a place for you to acquire the latest skills you need to excel in development, humanitarian, civil society and public service. Finally, I have good news for you, one you don’t need admission fee to apply for any master program at ISS, secondly, you don’t need language certificate if your first-degree program is in English.

Good luck with your application!.