Risa Miseki (SPD)

Our classmate come from Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa, all over the world.

Risa Miseki (Japan)

MA - Social Policy for Development major

Name: Risa Miseki

MajorSocial Policy for Development (SPD)

Why did you choose this major?

I was eager to learn about children issues in the development filed from the perspective of social policy. And, I found professors at ISS who was researching within this field.

How will this major help you in the future (career wise)?

The major will allow me to look at developing social policy in a critical manner and will directly enhance my knowledge and ideas. 

What aspect of your major do you really like?

I really enjoy the variety of teaching methods. It is not all about being in the classroom, but there are many practical aspects to it as well. For example, we have visited many different organisations in the Netherlands to learn about specific things.

Why did you choose ISS?

I chose ISS because of the professors who were researching in the area of children and youth studies in development sector. In addition, the majority of ISS alumni are now very prominent in their career advancement.

The cultural diversity of ISS?

This is the most favorite part of my time at ISS. Our classmate comes from Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa, and all over the world. 


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