Robert Okello

I’m looking to compare experiences from other countries, discover how they have tackled certain challenges and build strategic alliance and partnership to address challenges back home

Robert Okello

MA - major Social Justice Perspectives

Name: Robert Okello - Uganda

Major: Social Justice Perspective (SJP)

Your background/experience:

I'm a community development practitioner with three years of experience in business development and project implementation. I'm also a social innovator working at the intersection of digital development and justice, with technical expertise in fundraising, building collaborations, and stakeholder mapping. I'm driven by creative solutions, evidence-based results, social impact and team work. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Business Statistics and diploma in Law. I'm currently working for Barefootlaw Uganda as the Partnership and Development Officer.

Why did you choose to study at ISS?

I chose ISS because of its global cultural mix and knowledge diversity. The learning environment pushes you out of your comfort zone, and you can critically question your perception and the world around you. As a human right student, you are challenged to unpack the existing social structures, attitudes, and behaviours in your societies and understand how they intersect to create social injustices related to gender, conflicts, and human rights. These provide you with the analytical framework to tackle these social injustices.

What are your future plans?

As a development practitioner working at a community level, I'm interested in advancing my career in international development. I am particularly interested in working at the crossroads of local humanitarian intervention and innovations to leverage change. I plan to expand Barefootlaw Uganda's work within the international space by broadening collaboration within international organizations and working with government agencies.

Would you recommend ISS to your peers?

I consider an experience at ISS a chance for you to reflect on your knowledge. What you know now might completely change as you discover new things. I implore every open-minded and thought-provoking leader to join. You won’t regret it.

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