Sabina Laskar (SJP)

My biggest aspiration is to make this world a safer and secure place for all women to live in

Sabina Laskar (India)

MA - Social Justice Perspectives major

Name: Sabina Laskar

Major: Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies: Social Justice Perspectives (SJP)

Background: Development Professional with an expertise in the area of women and child rights.

Scholarship awarded: L-EARN for Impact Scholarship under Erasmus Trustfonds 2019-20

Advice on getting scholarship?: Putting forward a strong and honest rationale towards studying the course was the initial step which I took to gain this scholarship. Alongside this, an in-depth reflection of the past work experiences along with my commitment to bring about a radical change in my country has been the main trigger. Nevertheless, keeping my hopes high even when there was a huge financial instability pushed me hard to believe in my vision without putting much efforts into thinking the monetary aspect of it.

Why study abroad?

Education abroad not only brings you the best learning from practical experiences but enables you to think critically and out of the box. It creates a whole new brand of 'yourself' by making you self-sufficient, confident and allowing you to use a unique lens towards viewing the diverse environment and cultures.

Why ISS?

I chose ISS Erasmus University because of its critical and practical approach towards teaching Development Studies. Moreover, the exclusive teaching methodologies and strong research-oriented study techniques are something which appealed to me and made me join the course on Human Rights and Social Justice Perspectives.

What are your future plans?

I have always wanted to use classroom theories to practice by serving back to people belonging to the marginalized societies in India. My biggest aspiration is to make this world a safer and secure place for all women (irrespective of caste, class, race, religion and sex) to live in. Furthermore, I plan to apply the critical and analytical approaches taught in my course and plan for an implementation phase in India.

Would you recommend ISS to your friends?

Yes, absolutely. I will recommend ISS to all my peers specially because of its unique take in 'learning by doing method' and learning from people belonging from diverse cultures and backgrounds across the world.

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