Why do your PhD at ISS - Birendra Singh

'Innovative research and international engagement'
Birendra Singh
PhD researcher at ISS
The great thing about the PhD programme at the International Institute of Social Studies
How will this programme help you in the future (career wise)?The PhD programme at ISS is helping me to the underline knowledge and innovative practices of grassroots communities. This is the area of research in which I want to work.
Why did you choose ISS?I chose ISS for its critical thinking and conducive research environment. ISS has strong engagement with communities, practitioners, local organizations and other development actors.   
Would you recommend ISS to your peers?I would recommend ISS to aspiring PhD students because of its focus on innovative research approaches and international engagement.
Can you say anything about the cultural diversity at ISS?Cultural diversity is the one of the most beautiful part of social life at ISS. Culturally, ISS is beautifully ‘international’.