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To promote the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) as a leading centre for Development Studies. DevISSues does this by:

  • publicizing 'state of the art' high quality information about research and teaching at ISS and
  • stimulating debate on key and emerging development policy issues.
DevISSues online - launch - June 2018

DevISSues online

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DevISSues online
  • DevISSues is published twice a year. It's available

  • A subscription to DevISSues is free of charge!

    Send an email to the editor at with your name and postal address. ISS alumnae should include course and year of graduation.

  • We have all previous DevISSues from 1999 onwards available on

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  • Individuals and organizations who are potential future sponsors or participants in research, learning and public debate at the ISS such as:

    1. Government ministries, embassies, development banks and donor organizations;
    2. Private sector and non-governmental organizations and educational and research institutions;
    3. Institutions and individuals that have partnerships with ISS;
    4. ISS alumni;
    5. Prospective students;
    6. Current students and staff of ISS and Erasmus University Rotterdam.